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Women + Sexploitation

I started reading “Half the Sky” by Nicholas D. Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn a few nights ago. It’s making me furious. Not mildly irritated like bad soap. Or even ticked off like when someone cuts you off in traffic, causing you to slam on your breaks and want to give them the finger. The emotions … Continue reading

One Thousand Gifts (301 – 320)

301. Sister-friends who keep me accountable, even when I’d rather gloss over issues. 302. Unexpected quiet nights. So blissful. 303. Reimbursement request forms. 304. Phonecalls from friends! This always makes the list. 305. Great news from far, far away. Proverbs 25:25 in action! 306. Laughter. If you can’t laugh at yourself and your foibles, you … Continue reading

Perfection and short posts

This post isn’t going to be very long. The laptops have died and I’m stuck typing on my phone – hurray for sliders! There’s only so much typing I can do with my thumbs before they stiffen up anyway. I’ve been mulling over some pretty heavy things lately. What pain does to people. Why God … Continue reading

Trust {Book Review}

My roommate handed me this book not long and its already had a good impact on me. Here’s some of the gems you’ll find in it. A Christ-focused life is a stable life, because the joy that comes along with it doesn’t hinge, as do our human emotions, on daily¬†ups and downs. Our only lasting … Continue reading


Monday comes quickly, like a swift kick to the head or a train wreck after coming out of the long, dark tunnel under the mountain. On Mondays, I find myself clawing for grace. Fighting to focus. Reticent to put away the mindset of play. On Mondays, I usually have two mugs of coffee before ten … Continue reading