One Thousand Gifts (301 – 320)

301. Sister-friends who keep me accountable, even when I’d rather gloss over issues. 302. Unexpected quiet nights. So blissful. 303. Reimbursement request forms. 304. Phonecalls from friends! This always makes the list. 305. Great news from far, far away. Proverbs 25:25 in action! 306. Laughter. If you can’t laugh at yourself and your foibles, you … Continue reading


“You’ve really gotten serious about relaxing.” The comment caught me off guard. My time at home had always been sacred. “What do you mean?” He blinked. “With your new hammock and all.” And all. The past few weeks, I’ve been pouring time into reading “Crazy Love” as most of you know. Filming is on hiatus … Continue reading

One Thousand Gifts {261-280}

261. Text messages of cheer from my dad! Always brightens my day up considerably. 262. Jude 24+25┬áMemorized so long ago and being brought back to mind quite a bit recently. Look it up. Meditate on it. And live like you believe it. 263. Long talks with friends about life+love+the way God has been moving in … Continue reading


So it looks like WordPress was having technical difficulties with my posts. Or…my brain went on vacation when I boarded the plane last week. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the regular book review and the last round of interviews with the ladies will be on Wednesday. My sincere apologies!