Even More Ways To Add Adventure To Your Life

Surround yourself with interesting people. Realize that all people are interesting if you ask them the right questions. So summon up your inner Barbara Walters! Doodle. Encourage others to take risks. Believe in yourself. Believe in your future. Believe in the One who holds your future. Give yourself the grace to learn. Take up the … Continue reading

101 Ways To Add Adventure To Your Life {Part Two}

So on Wednesday, I gave you fifty tried-and-true ways to spice up your life. Here’s another 51. There will be more tomorrow. I don’t think anyone has any excuse for being bored. Adventures are like fires. You need something to ignite the flame before it catches and spreads all over. Get dressed up. Buy ridiculous glasses that … Continue reading

101 Ways To Add Adventure To Your Life {part one}

I’m not the most fascinating person out there. I’m really quite mundane when you get to know me. But, I do like having random adventures. And because enough people have asked me to give them ideas on how to add adventure to their life, I’ve made a list.  All of them are tried and true, … Continue reading

For Those That Asked…

I formalized my old/boring/30 list. You can now find it here. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to start your own. 🙂

-The List-

Here’s a glimpse of my 2011 list. Things I must do this year or at least seriously attempt. Write more hand-written letters. Tell a story. Or write another book. Or two. Learn a new craft. Laugh more. Be more affectionate. Be healthier in body/soul/mind. Okay, those are kind of boring. Who wouldn’t want to work … Continue reading