3 Lessons About Love I Learned From Hanging Out With My Jr. High Brother

This last week, I got to hang out with my adorable younger brother. I say he’s adorable, but many of his (female) peers tell him that he’s “hot.” When I was in Jr. High, telling someone that they were hot was just not something you did. Sure, you might tell your girlfriends and you might … Continue reading

When It Comes To Love {Part Four}

It’s time for the last round of interviews with the ladies from Operation 2012. This time, you’ll hear just what they are looking for in a man, how they define quality, and a little bit about themselves. Intrigued? Read on.

When It Comes To Love {Part Three}

After yesterday’s post, I still had more questions that I wanted answered from the ladies at “When it comes to love.” You probably did to. So I asked, they answered, and here we are. Keep reading to find out more.

When It Comes To Love {Part Two}

Ready to hear what the ladies of “Operation 2012” have to say for themselves? Me too! Let’s get this interview started.

When It Comes To Love {Part One}

Three women from the NW are on a quest. A quest for love. Their goal is for all three of them to be married off by Dec. 31, 2012. The catch is that none of them are in a relationship, let alone dating anyone right now. Intriguing? I think so!