When It Comes To Love {Part Four}

It’s funny how things aren’t always as they seem. There’s been a lot of talk about the women at When It Comes To Love.  Many men expressed their view on the issue – they are okay with intentionality but they aren’t okay with marriage being more important than they are. Which makes sense to me. Don’t make marriage an idol. Simple as that.

Like Heartbreaker said, marriage is something that God designed for people. He created us for it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting it. The problem comes when you crave it and it replaces all the other good things in your life.

So who are these ladies? I can’t tell you (sorry, but I promised to keep it a secret!) but I can give you more information on them. Or really, they will. The last section of our interview will tell you more about them, what they are looking for, how they define quality (none of the “any dude’ll do” nonsense!), and how you can pray for the. Because prayer is an essential part of life, adventure, and love.

Many thanks to the ladies for letting me interview them and all the fabulous people who have chimed in on the blog. I had a wonderful time meeting them during my vacation. I hadn’t planned on meeting them when I booked my tickets, but it’s funny how that happens sometimes.

Describe your ideal man.

Meg: Must love Jesus. Not in a “he goes to church” kind of way, but in a way that everything about him 24/7 is set on pursuing the Lord and becoming more like Christ. Is mature in his faith. Believes in the Bible. Loves people. Would prefer it if he’s taller than me. Great sense of humor (or, rather – that our senses of humor are a match … we laugh at the same things and he makes me laugh). We “filter” things the same way … see life through a common lens. I would like an active guy, someone who loves the outdoors. But I’d hope he’d be cool with doing the “hardcore” outdoor stuff (overnight trips, hunting or whatever) with just his guy buddies. As his girlfriend or wife, this gives me time to spend with my favorite gal friends and doesn’t force me into “hardcore” activities of which I’m not a fan of participating in. Hopefully he likes
to cook and watch a movie once in awhile. Is in or pursuing God’s call on his life. I could go on
and on ….

Tulah: Tall, dark and handsome- KIDDING. First and foremost- that he loves Jesus. After that, that he has joy in and of life. Someone I respect.

Heartbreaker: My ideal man. Well… he loves Jesus with all of his heart and that’s evident in everything he does, says and pursues. I’m not asking him to be perfect. Nobody is and I’m certainly not. But, I would prefer an intensity and intentionality to his relationship with Jesus instead of a passive, laidback attitude about it. Something that God put on my heart last fall was that he absolutely must have the same vision. It’s my dream that together we can be that much louder and that much more influential together for the Kingdom of God than apart. So, I don’t expect him to bring the same gifts or skills to the table as I have but he must have the same vision (which could be summarized as missional living and evangelism). He’s got to love kiddos. I don’t think I could marry a man who doesn’t value and love the next generation. So much of my heart is pulled toward children and the generation yet to come.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Just in case some hot+holy single man is reading and is curious.

Tulah: That is quite funny… I guess you could say I’m willing to try anything once… and I’m slightly eclectic….I love organizing things… and art…and science… and being outside… and being inside…and books… and traveling. And pretty much everything in between. I do not like sushi however and I would only run if chased by a bear. I think there is humor is most of life and laughter is like internal jogging.

Heartbreaker:  I’m a dabbler. I like to learn things. I like to know how things work. I like to explore. I drink coffee. I love kiddos and families. I love people. I like people watching. I like writing. My heart is to serve others. Not only can I show the love of Christ, serving often brings opportunities and doors to speak the love of Christ to others. I hate being stereotyped – so I keep a few unplayed cards in my back pocket. I love to travel. I love to get a little dirt on me and to dress up and go out. Basically, I’m a tomboy in skirts packing a Bible.

Meg:  Well, I love Jesus, for one. He has changed my life and I love this journey He has me on. I’m 5’8”. I have blondish hair and blue eyes (that are mostly all pupil). I’m an extroverted introvert (I love people, but need down time). I love the outdoors, but for me that means a long speed walk or a good solid day hike. I am active and workout regularly. I’m a health food nut, but not to the point that I will only buy organic (I’m also frugal – inexpensive food wins me over). I come from a solid, loving, small family (two parents still married 40+ years and one older brother). (side note: I think it’d be cool to marry into a large family.) I’m driven. I am a writer/editor by profession. I love getting to know people’s different stories. I have some of the most amazing friends a girl could ever have. I stay in touch with old friends (this used to mean something more before Facebook existed!). Friends would describe me as quirky in some of my habits, my sense of humor, and the way that I make people laugh. I tend to be slightly accident prone, which definitely keeps life interesting.

How do you describe quality in a man?

Heartbreaker: By the fruits of his actions and the words of his mouth. What a person listens to gets in their head and what’s in the head gets in their heart and what’s in their heart is reflected in their speech. So his words reflects his heart. And, the fruits of his actions reflect/solidify his words.

Meg: Loves Jesus, loves people, strong morals, zest for life, genuine personality.

Tulah:  I think everything comes under his desire to follow Jesus… if he’s seeking to honor God with his life I think everything else falls under that (respect, responsibility, etc). Quality just naturally flows from that beginning point.

How can readers best pray for you?

Meg:  Aw, thanks! Just that I be open to seeing what God might want to do through this … that He would open my eyes to seeing guys as brothers in Christ and as real people, not scary “potentials” (because that just tends to freak me out and scare me away from them). That I relax and enjoy the process of getting to know guys. They’re people, too.

Tulah: Pray that I would seek Jesus above all else (even a spouse). And in the new theme of boldness, pray that I would meet the mystery man of my dreams as well and be myself around him.

Heartbreaker: That in all of this God will be honored and glorified. That I would have a teachable heart and that through the other women, our supporters and the guys I would learn more about the love of God and the depth of His heart. And, that our stories and experiences would be a source of encouragement for other women around the world.

Ladies – would you ever blog about your desire to get married? Men – after reading the posts, would you date any of the three women? If the answer to either of these questions is “Yes!” you can email the Operation 2012 ladies – whenitcomestolove@gmail.com

Have your thoughts about this social experiment changed at all? How?


Wondering what all the fuss is about?

One Response to “When It Comes To Love {Part Four}”
  1. Laura says:

    When you first told me about this I was really skeptical but after reading your interview my view of it has changed. I think that they have a good point: Christian women need to be open about their desire for marriage and unafraid of dating with that in mind. On the other hand, it is dangerous to put a timeline on God, even in jest. I honestly pray that the Lord brings them a husband within that time but if He doesn’t (or if they have to turn down a “almost”) they won’t allow it to affect their faith at all.

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