3 Lessons About Love I Learned From Hanging Out With My Jr. High Brother

This last week, I got to hang out with my adorable younger brother. I say he’s adorable, but many of his (female) peers tell him that he’s “hot.” When I was in Jr. High, telling someone that they were hot was just not something you did. Sure, you might tell your girlfriends and you might tell his friends…but to your crush? No way!

My younger brother and I have a good relationship. When he calls to talk to me, he talks about one of three things: girls, cars, or sports. Typical for a guy. But I love the fact that he trusts me enough to let me know what’s on his mind. Or that he respects me enough to ask for my opinion.

Here are three of the lessons about love that I’ve learned from hanging out with my brother this week.

1. Girl’s are too confusing for their own good. I feel sorry for my brother. He is getting pursued by brazen girls who chase him one moment and then ignore him the next. The game of hot-and-cold has started young. Instead of trying to be “mysterious” (aka overly complicated), be a straight shooter. Make up your mind and stick with it. This goes for girls and guys.

2. Drama is best left in the drama department. Seriously. Treat people with more respect than you expect them to give you. Speak kind words and expect the best out of someone else. Believe in them, even when they don’t believe in themselves. And stay classy! Manners and common sense will carry you far in life.

3. You can sit around talking about the opposite gender, or you can sit around talking with them. This was my bit of advice for my younger brother who will be starting high school soon. It can be fun to sit around and talk about guys/girls but it’s more fun to talk with them. Let someone else worry about who likes who. Make it your aim to be friends with as many people as possible.

Any other advice you’d give a jr. high boy?

One Response to “3 Lessons About Love I Learned From Hanging Out With My Jr. High Brother”
  1. Ruthiey says:

    Good advice! I have a younger brother who has similar issues. =P

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