Day Twenty-Eight: Hopes, Dreams, and Plans You Have for the Next 365 Days It used to be so easy for me to share my ambitions. But now I guard them a little closer to my heart so I can nurture them, coax them into something stronger before letting the world see. So here are a … Continue reading


Day Twenty-Seven: A Physical Feature You Love This question confused me. A feature that I love in myself or on someone else? I love my ears. They aren’t very large, which is nice because I’d hate to have elephant-sized ears. They don’t stick out so I’ve never had to worry about them looking dumb. They … Continue reading


Day Twenty-six: A Childhood Memory   When I was a little girl, I was painfully shy. One of my earliest memories was when some family friends came over and I hid in my closet. It was cavernous and I would hide behind the dresses and peak through the opening where the door cracked at the … Continue reading


Day Twenty-Eight: A recipe Best Bread Ever.


Day Twenty-Four: A Movie No One Would Expect You To Love   Daddy Long-Legs. Not the American version. The South Korean version. I’m not even sure how I came across this movie but I really like it. It’s a love story and it’s full of twists and turns. It loosely follows the storyline of the … Continue reading