am I enough?

Twenty-five year old women are not supposed to think about blood pressure. But on Monday, I was. “You should see a doctor right away,” is what I was told when I had my blood pressure taken. I thought I heard incorrectly. I had inherited my mother’s low bp, not my father’s that was anything but … Continue reading

I Run To.

This song has once again risen to the top of my personal playlist. It’s one of those songs I crank up as loud as I possibly can and sing along to. Unless I’m at work. Then I just hum along as I type away on my desktop, doing whatever thing it is that I’m supposed … Continue reading

Late Night Drives

I tried taking a picture of the starfields tonight. The slr was tucked away in the house and it was just me and the smartphone. While I was driving, the stars shone so brightly. I just wanted to close my eyes, revel in the feel of the warm breeze and let the wind tangle my … Continue reading

What I’m Smitten With…

I’ve been in more of an observing mood lately. Maybe it’s residual jet lag, maybe it’s lack of sleep, or maybe I’m just being lazy. The heat is always a nice scapegoat. So here’s some of the sites I’ve been browsing lately. Some are amazing. Some make me want to weep. That’s just how it … Continue reading

Happy 4th of July!

I’m taking the day off to celebrate the holiday with friends. I hope you do the same! Cheers, Caitlin