Late Night Drives

I tried taking a picture of the starfields tonight. The slr was tucked away in the house and it was just me and the smartphone. While I was driving, the stars shone so brightly. I just wanted to close my eyes, revel in the feel of the warm breeze and let the wind tangle my hair.

Night drives are some of my favorite. One of my favorite memories involves a night drive in Puerto Rico, getting lost along the highway and listening to the tiny coqui in the trees. The windows must be down, the convertible top tucked away, and the sounds of summer – crickets, owls, or cicadas – must mingle with country music. There’s something about the way the story unfolds, mimicking the road’s twists and turns. Okay, so this is one of the best songs to drive to. It’s cliched, decidedly not country, and almost never on the radio. But still. It’s magic when you are slowly driving and can hear the crunch of gravel as you wander down a country lane.

In the Hill Country, I have to drive slowly. Driving in the dark is like playing Russian Roulette. You never know when luck will frown upon you and a deer will come hurling out of its chamber and into the side of your car. True story. One of my friends got nailed in the daylight. You just never know.

Driving relaxes me. Puts me in a laid back mood that lets a slow and lazy grin softy work its way across my face. Calms the pulsing thoughts and lets me breathe again.

Nothing major here. Just an ode to late night driving, written by a ridiculously relaxed me.

3 Responses to “Late Night Drives”
  1. Michael says:

    I love driving at night with the windows down. Sometimes music fits perfectly, and sometimes nature provides its own music. It is a beautiful thing 🙂

  2. Ruthiey says:

    Did you just diss country music? Because I might have a bone to pick with you now.. 😀

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