What I’m Smitten With…

I’ve been in more of an observing mood lately. Maybe it’s residual jet lag, maybe it’s lack of sleep, or maybe I’m just being lazy. The heat is always a nice scapegoat.

So here’s some of the sites I’ve been browsing lately. Some are amazing. Some make me want to weep. That’s just how it goes.


  • Tall Guy On A Bike Brandon’s dad has a disease. It’s called Frontal Temporal Dementia. My dad has the same disease. Brandon is biking across America to raise money and awareness about the disease. I think that’s stellar.
  • StereoMood This amazing little website gives you music to match your mood. Summer, vintage, and cinema are great mixes to play when you are working away. Just sayin’.
  • John Mackey Died. Of FTD no less. Which makes me want to bawl just thinking about. The disease is real. It’s victims have names and faces. It’s time people started talking about it.
  • Outdoor Movies In my dreams, my backyard movies by moonlight looks like this. In reality, it’s much more charming because my yard hasn’t been set up by stylists.
  • Michael Hyatt + Seth Godin It’s time to talk about the future of the book industry. Or maybe that conversation should have happened a few years ago. Either way, listen to this to brush up on what’s going on.
2 Responses to “What I’m Smitten With…”
  1. Ruthiey says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. That must be so painful.

  2. bcline909 says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Caitlin! I’m currently in a McDonald’s in Spencer, IN, trying to avoid the heat of midday. Still pedalin’ away. Take care!

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