I Run To.

This song has once again risen to the top of my personal playlist. It’s one of those songs I crank up as loud as I possibly can and sing along to. Unless I’m at work. Then I just hum along as I type away on my desktop, doing whatever thing it is that I’m supposed to be doing.

Life isn’t extraordinarily difficult. There are good things and there are bad things. All have been sifted through the fingers of God before coming to me. There are lives that I want to help affect, lives that I’d rather not think about, and family members suffering. There are triumphs, glorious triumphs! And there are times when I’m running on fumes.

The song makes me stop and think about how I’m living my life. Who am I running to? Why am I so reluctant to turn to God when I know He’s the one that I need the most? When everything comes undone, it’s easy to run to Him.  When wounds gape or I don’t know how to deal with someone, I shove my problems back towards him saying “Here! Fix it!” But in the bleh moments I find that it’s easier for me to gently nudge the Bible to the other side of my room. I replace God with some crude idol fashioned by man. It’s easy to try to fill the need in my soul with something far less than eternal.

And that’s a problem. I’m not alone in that habit. And that’s a problem too.

2 Responses to “I Run To.”
  1. Caleb Macias says:

    You’re so right. It’s easy to sing this song to everything but Jesus. Thx for the reminder =).

  2. caitlinmuir says:

    So glad you agree, Caleb. I never liked it when the song was played on the Christian station back home. Country station, sure! But I do like how it makes my mind wander back to the basics.

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