Perfection and short posts

This post isn’t going to be very long. The laptops have died and I’m stuck typing on my phone – hurray for sliders! There’s only so much typing I can do with my thumbs before they stiffen up anyway. I’ve been mulling over some pretty heavy things lately. What pain does to people. Why God … Continue reading


Monday comes quickly, like a swift kick to the head or a train wreck after coming out of the long, dark tunnel under the mountain. On Mondays, I find myself clawing for grace. Fighting to focus. Reticent to put away the mindset of play. On Mondays, I usually have two mugs of coffee before ten … Continue reading

I Run To.

This song has once again risen to the top of my personal playlist. It’s one of those songs I crank up as loud as I possibly can and sing along to. Unless I’m at work. Then I just hum along as I type away on my desktop, doing whatever thing it is that I’m supposed … Continue reading


‎//My soul claims the Lord as my inheritance; therefore I will hope in Him. – Lam. 3:24//   I came across that verse sometime this weekend. In my reading, I’ve been hopping between Psalms and Jude. Somewhere in the middle of the page turning, I landed firmly in Lamentations. Not my favorite book of the … Continue reading

Monster or Machine?

Watching Jaws confirmed my belief that  fears look like monsters when they lurk under the surface or stare you in the face. But the game changes when you see them for the mechanical sharks they really are.