Perfection and short posts

This post isn’t going to be very long. The laptops have died and I’m stuck typing on my phone – hurray for sliders! There’s only so much typing I can do with my thumbs before they stiffen up anyway.

I’ve been mulling over some pretty heavy things lately. What pain does to people. Why God allows people to go through horrific experiences. What family really means. What lovingkindness looks like in skin. How purity of heart translates into everyday life. And what it really means to love Jesus above all else.

And I realized something.

The people who inspire me aren’t the perfect ones. They are the beautifully broken ones. Even those with Jesus-glows aren’t perfect. They are just in love with Someone who is. And that relationship inspires them. Propels them. Drives them to do great things knowing that they have done nothing to earn that love and can do nothing to cut themselves off from it. They take risks because they are secure. Like a ragamuffin child held firm in the arms of Abba.

It’s a beautiful thing, really.

Pain lingers. Crap happens daily. People will let you down. But that’s okay. It drives you home.


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