One Thousand Gifts (301 – 320)

301. Sister-friends who keep me accountable, even when I’d rather gloss over issues.

302. Unexpected quiet nights. So blissful.

303. Reimbursement request forms.

304. Phonecalls from friends! This always makes the list.

305. Great news from far, far away. Proverbs 25:25 in action!

306. Laughter. If you can’t laugh at yourself and your foibles, you are a sad specimen indeed.

307. Friends who let you vent. Who listen when all you want to do is pitch a fit. And who let you know that yes, its good to be upset.

308. Neighbors who let you borrow things without much of a notice.

309. New adventures.

310. New traditions.

311. Hard questions cropping up like weeds and knowing you know the One with all the answers.

312. “Keeping me weird” adventures in Austin-land.

313. Peace like a river. Not the Deschutes, more like the lazy Guadalupe.

314.  Inspirational new friends. Just met a 17 year old girl I wish I were more like.

315. Busy schedules. Less time to be lazy.

316. Leftovers. They make dinner so much easier after a long day at work.

317. Plots thickening.

318. Stories being prompted.

319. Sunburns darkening up.

320. The view of the starfield from my lawn.


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