Trust {Book Review}


My roommate handed me this book not long and its already had a good impact on me. Here’s some of the gems you’ll find in it.

A Christ-focused life is a stable life, because the joy that comes along with it doesn’t hinge, as do our human emotions, on daily ups and downs.

Our only lasting identity is in Jesus Christ, and if we seek identity elsewhere, we will never be satisfied, since nothing else has the ability to define us indefinitely.

If we really believe that God is who He says He is, our lives will be characterized by peace rather than turmoil.

The truth is, however, that God does want the best for us – the greatest happiness, joy, and comfort – but His ways for how we obtain them are very different from our ways. We simply lack the frame of reference that He has to see the big picture – the eternal picture.

Good stuff. I can’t wait to dig in deeper.


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