Trust {Book Review}

My roommate handed me this book not long and its already had a good impact on me. Here’s some of the gems you’ll find in it. A Christ-focused life is a stable life, because the joy that comes along with it doesn’t hinge, as do our human emotions, on daily¬†ups and downs. Our only lasting … Continue reading

Choose Joy


There were plenty of moments last month when I felt like a giant cheese-grater was going over my soul. The grater would pass, skinning of parts of my heart, making my soul bleed. Bleed but not bleed out. There were days that were messy, sure. Life is messy. When you have a planet of flawed … Continue reading


Two weeks ago, my friend Nathan, approached me with an idea. He was excited and as he’s not one for dramatics, I paid attention. While the Texas sun beat down, I listened as he told about the newest project that he felt the Lord had put on his heart. As he spoke, he became more … Continue reading

Coffee, Hope, and a Melody

This is one of my favorite songs. Every once in awhile, usually when my soul feels clogged, I stay home from church, make myself some french-pressed coffee, open up all the windows, take out a pen, turn this song up loud, and read my Bible. Today was one of those days. My soul gets clogged … Continue reading