Trust {Book Review}

My roommate handed me this book not long and its already had a good impact on me. Here’s some of the gems you’ll find in it. A Christ-focused life is a stable life, because the joy that comes along with it doesn’t hinge, as do our human emotions, on daily¬†ups and downs. Our only lasting … Continue reading

Meet Janice Thompson {Author Interview}

Meet Janice Hanna (Thompson), author extrodiaire. Janice has published more than 70 books, many magazine articles, and a handful of musical comedies. She’s an active part of the writing community in Texas. Janice popped by to talk about her newest book, Love Finds You in Groom, Texas. Before we jump into the interview, here’s a … Continue reading

Just Between You and Me {Book Review}

This Tuesday, Caitlin reviews “Just Between You and Me” by Jenny B. Jones. Does she like it? Does she hate it? Read on to find out!

Cool Beans {Book Review}

Poor Maya Davis. What’s a girl to do when her disgustingly perfect roommate (who she would hate if she didn’t already love her) brings home the perfect boyfriend? It would be one thing if the boyfriend was a stranger. But when it’s your ex-boyfriend? The one that everyone thought you were going to marry? Eeek! … Continue reading

Night of the Cossack {Book Review}

What would you do if you were given the choice of life or death by your enemy? Death means sacrificing your family and life means becoming your enemy. For young Nathan Hertzfield, the choice comes in the middle of a Cossack raid in his small Georgian village. While he hears the screams of villagers dying … Continue reading