Night of the Cossack {Book Review}

What would you do if you were given the choice of life or death by your enemy? Death means sacrificing your family and life means becoming your enemy. For young Nathan Hertzfield, the choice comes in the middle of a Cossack raid in his small Georgian village. While he hears the screams of villagers dying around him, he is given the choice – become a Cossack and live or sacrifice his family by his death. Nathan isn’t given much of a choice and is taken under the wing of Nikolai, a respected warrior. 

From there, his life changes. And keeps changing. Nathan is forced to take up a Russian identity and bury his Jewish identity in the rubble of his former village.

Tom Blubaugh’s debut novel is enjoyable and a quick read. The story comes from Tom wondering about his grandfather’s life. No one knew much about it, so Tom was left to come up with his own version. The result is a story that very well may be true as being forced into the Cossack army was a regular occurance in the the late 1800s/early 1900s.

The Night of the Cossack reminded me of Judith Pella’s and Michael Phillips’  The Russians Series.  Rich with Russian history, Tom’s writing leaves the reader wanting to know more. As Nathan becomes Stepan, the Cossack, readers are introduced to the culture of Russia at the brink of change. When Stepan must change his name again, readers are reintroduced to the plight of the Jewish people under the reign of the last Tsar.

You can download a free copy of the first chapter here. The book is published by Bound by Faith Publishers. The book is also available for eReaders – making it perfect for reading on the go. This is exactly the type of book I like to have on hand when I’m traveling – it takes me out of the airport, away from the hustle and bustle of people waiting to leave, and transports me somewhere completely different.

I hope Tom keeps on writing! I look forward to seeing what else he and Bound by Faith come out with in the upcoming years.

And as usual, the disclaimer. I wasn’t paid for my pinion. The author sent me a copy of his book in exchange for my thoughts about it.

One Response to “Night of the Cossack {Book Review}”
  1. Judy Watters says:

    Sounds like a great read. My father’s family was from Minsk. Russia. Good review.

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