One Thousand Gifts {281 – 300}

281. Aloe Vera. Because sometimes I play in the sun without using sunscreen. Silly me. Maybe I should add “Skin cancer” to my old/boring/30 list. 282. Coworkers who go out of their way to crack me up. I appreciate my team so very much. 283. Changes of plans. Because sometimes, the best things aren’t what … Continue reading

One Thousand Gifts {241 – 260}

241. Being able to see miles of sky at any given time. 242. Being able to see the mountains from above. 243. Sweet texts from far, far away. 244. Laughter bursting from every pore of your body, shaking your sides, andĀ eruptingĀ in a giggle. 245. Closed doors. There’s always something that doesn’t go well that sweetens … Continue reading

One Thousand Gifts {221-240}

221. The fresh smell of the earth, grass, and cement after rain. 222. Roses that just invite you to sit and smell them for awhile, basking in their lovely scent. 223. Long walks through the forest. 224. Banana slugs. I know. They wouldn’t have made my list ever before but since I don’t have to … Continue reading

One Thousand Gifts {201 – 220}

Bug spray didn’t make the list this week. Honest. More important things popped up this week like gas in the gas tank, memories, and spending time with LANDY. Who is LANDY? Wouldn’t you like to know! Keep reading to find out what makes 201 – 220.

One Thousand Gifts {181-200}

Hmmm….what makes the list this week? Shockingly, “bug spray” and “air conditioning” have not made the cut. Something else must be going on! Read more to find out.