One Thousand Gifts {221-240}

221. The fresh smell of the earth, grass, and cement after rain.

222. Roses that just invite you to sit and smell them for awhile, basking in their lovely scent.

223. Long walks through the forest.

224. Banana slugs. I know. They wouldn’t have made my list ever before but since I don’t have to worry about them squishing under my feet (that’s about how wild it got in Portland. Slugs.), I admire the novelty of them.

225. Fresh coffee! Although, to be honest, I think I o.d.’d on coffee while I was on vacation. That seems to happen to me quite frequently.

226. Creating new memories with old friends.

227. Visiting one of the top hotels in America – being able to enjoy the awesomeness without having to pay for it.

228. Cousin-nights. It was strange sitting with my cousins, twenty years or so after we all became good friends. Everyone was settled into jobs, career paths, or relationships. Being friends for that long was fun – as was creaming everyone in a late-night game of Mafia.

229. Sisters – I wouldn’t trade any of them in for the world. Which is good, because when I go home, I raid their closets.

230. Mulligans – not in golf but in life. Having the chance to do something over again. Reclaim a memory. Create a new one. It isn’t as easy as in golf (the steaks are higher) but it’s nice nevertheless.

231. Costco – I have rediscovered my love for the NW’s own big-box store. Going there the other day was like going home. The only thing that was missing were the little old ladies giving out samples. Costco and I are going to become good chums. Getting a membership card felt like another sign of adulthood.

232. Cheesy action movies – I watched one the other night with my roommate and laughed. And laughed. And laughed. You get the idea. There’s something incredibly stress relieving about watching people utter ridiculous lines, run around in hilarious clothes, and accomplish gravity defying stunts on a regular basis.

233. Closed Doors – This week, I had three trips canceled. Three. When I was told that, I just sat there shocked, disappointed, and befuddled.  And then I realized, If God can close doors quickly, He can open new ones just as fast. Those aren’t magic words that will make the disappointment completely fade away but it gives me hope for the future. And hope is a glorious thing.

234. Fresh fruit – This goes right up there with air conditioning, electrolytes, and bug spray. One of the necessities of survival in So. Texas.

235. New perspective – My last two visits home could have been more opposite in terms of content. One wasn’t better than the other but in God’s wisdom, they were both needed. Hanging out with old, trusted friends and my grandparents in a retirement home was much different than packed days+nights.

236. Grilling – summer is here. I hadn’t grilled last year. I did when I was hanging with my sister. It’s like a switch in my brain has finally reset itself. Grilling is easy, fun, and something I used to love to do. Hello Home Depot! It’s time to get myself a little Webber grill.

237. Racing – I like speed. I like anything that hints at danger. So whipping around a track with my sister and her husband last week was perfect. My time might not be as great. Nor my style. But whipping around the corners, skimming bumpers, and having a huge grin hidden by my helmet made everything worth it. Even the bruises.

238. Plans – I love plans. Having goals and ways to achieve them. Well, not just achieve them. In my little perfectionist, overachiever, ridiculous way, I want to conquer my goals, stand on top of them, and reach for something higher. Sick. I know.

239. Dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. If you have never had one, you have not lived. They are the best things on earth. A huge thank you to the person who reintroduced me to these wonders last week.  My world has been shaken.

240. God’s leading – Hanging out with the Diamond Girls always reminds me of how God has a different plot for each person in the world. None of us are alike. We’re all just diamonds in the rough, hidden in jars of clay. The moments when we’re cleaned up is when miracles happen. And they usually take our breath away.


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  1. Ruthiey says:

    239 sounds amazing!! ❤

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