One Thousand Gifts {181-200}

181. Blogger buddies. Oh yes.

182. Tweets o’ cheer.

183. Crazy talk.

184. The feeling that overtakes you right before you are getting ready to set out on another adventure. Some call it fear. Others would call it anticipation. I just call it “that tingly feeling.”

185. When people say yes to crazy ideas. This could provoke that tingly feeling. Because in my life, I tend to dream up crazy ideas on a daily basis. It’s when people validate them and tell me to have fun that I get the feeling and start to really have fun.

186. Innovation. Yes, I really did use that word. It can be hard to pull (or be pulled) out of the daily grind of how you do things but it’s worth it.

187. Sunrises. I’ve been getting up earlier so I’m seeing more of them. Be proud.

188. Psalm 37. It has been the cause of some soul-shifts this last week.

189. Deadlines. They can be blessings. Without crazy deadlines, my work ethic would probably keel over and drop dead. Not play dead, be dead.

190. Airline tickets.

191. Plans to cross off something from my old/boring/30 list.

192. Looking back and seeing how God took something horrid and made it something beautiful. That won’t happen every time you get hurt. There are only some things you find out in Heaven. But I’m grateful, so incredibly grateful, for the lessons I learn on this side.

193. Potlucks. So who knew that church potlucks were just an excuse to sit back and chat with people? There’s something to this whole getting involved with your local community thing. And free food? Yes, please!

194. Finding out that someone went to bat for you. This happened to me at work this week. Awesome.

195. Being told that I “seem like someone who is very organized and put together.” I’m a fake. I’m the most disorganized person that I know. I lose my cell phone on a daily basis. If I put stuff away, I forget that I own it. So being told that I’m organized made my day.

196.  Having a roommate who puts up with my quirks.

197. A successful photo shoot!

198.  Quiet time with God.

199. Being reminded that God doesn’t just tolerate me, He adores me.



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