One Thousand Gifts {241 – 260}

241. Being able to see miles of sky at any given time.

242. Being able to see the mountains from above.

243. Sweet texts from far, far away.

244. Laughter bursting from every pore of your body, shaking your sides, and erupting in a giggle.

245. Closed doors. There’s always something that doesn’t go well that sweetens the things that do.

246. The thrill of watching movies by moonlight.

247. New friends!

248. Reading in the pool.

249. The fresh smell of the earth after a rain. Or the happy sound of drought victims after a nice rain.

250. Iced green tea.

251. Fourth of July celebrations that last into the wee hours of July 5th.

252. Old movies that sparkle with life and wit. The power of well spoken words.

253. Days that stretch out a mile long, loaded up with laughter, natural drama, love, and the basics of a good story.

254. Brainstorming/plotting with friends. Everyone needs co-conspirators after all.

255. Soft pillows.

256. Investments. Not in the stock market, although those can have rich dividends. The kind that are made in someone’s life. The ones that you may not see the outcome for weeks, months, or years.

257. Dreaming in Technicolor. My imagination doesn’t take a vacation. Instead, it is constantly popping in and out of different scenarios, tripping over ideas, and cleverly ripping headlines from my life.

258. Screen doors. Without them, I’d go crazy. And there would be a lot more dead bugs in Texas.

259.  New ideas that percolate beautifully.

260. Happy news from far, far away!

One Response to “One Thousand Gifts {241 – 260}”
  1. Ruthiey says:

    pretty sure 255 is on my list too.. mhmmmm!

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