One Thousand Gifts {201 – 220}

201. Views from high-rises – new perspectives offered in unexpected places.

202. Twitterdates with fabulous women of God.

203. Breakfast dates with fabulous friends.

204. Catching up with friends at unexpected places.

205. Coffee dates with fabulous friends.

206. New friends met at coffee shops. Or unexpectedly running into old friends at coffee shops. Both work.

207. Best friends who look out for you, even when it would be more convenient for them not to.

208. Free concerts given by street musicians on sunny days.

209. A most perfect first day of Summer. It might have been one of the best beginnings that I’ve ever had. Everything was beautiful, darling, and a gift from above.

210. Encouraging words.

211. Hot bubble-baths. I don’t have a bath-tub at my house so I enjoy them whenever I can. My parent’s recently remodeled the downstairs bathroom and they wanted to make sure that it was finished by the time I got home. How awesome is that? And then they had me take the first bath. I’m spoiled!

212. Full gas tanks. This might not seem like a “gift” because technically, I bought the gas. However, I also bought the GPS that failed and I promptly got lost. So I’m grateful for full gas tanks that kept the car going until I ended up where I needed to be.

213. Laughter.

214. Sweet memories. Going to a memory care unit was hard – I felt like I was staring at my future in the face. But it was also good in that I was reminded of so many incredible moments shared with my grandfather. Alzheimer disease might have taken away his memories but it hasn’t stolen mine away. And this last week I got to make a new one. But that might be a blog post itself.

215. Healing hearts. When you’ve had your heart bruised, it takes time for it to heal. But heal it will.

216. Family time. I don’t get to spend oodles of time with my family any more. Being home for a long stretch has been quite the treat.

217. Fresh coffee. I thought about putting this one in all caps. But that seemed like overkill. Every day has been full of sweet cups of fresh coffee. My heart is happy!

218. Sunshine without excessive heat. I am happy to report that not once this week did I battle heat sickness. Granted, I was thousands of miles away from triple digit weather but it felt good. I didn’t even have to lug around my bottles of electrolytes.

219. Spending time with LANDY. I love spending time with my sister but it’s fun to be with her and her husband as well. They tend to come as a matched set. Which is just as it ought to be. Going shopping with her was fun this week – we have the uncanny ability to pick out the same clothes. We also conquered in a bocce ball tournament. Which is just fabulous. Hanging out with LANDY means adventures and good times are to be had. Love them.

220. Knowing that my story isn’t over yet. The best is still coming.

2 Responses to “One Thousand Gifts {201 – 220}”
  1. Ruthiey says:

    Ah great list! Love 220!

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