Cool Beans {Book Review}

Poor Maya Davis.

What’s a girl to do when her disgustingly perfect roommate (who she would hate if she didn’t already love her) brings home the perfect boyfriend? It would be one thing if the boyfriend was a stranger. But when it’s your ex-boyfriend? The one that everyone thought you were going to marry? Eeek!

Maya thought she had her act together. Sure, she worked in a coffee shop as a barista. So what if her brother was a doctor? It’s okay for siblings to be in totally different tax brackets. Right? She was happy with the job discrepancies…until her older brother decided to move back to California.

All of a sudden, her happy life is feeling a little less charmed. Maya’s only consolations are God and coffee – not that unfamiliar to most of us. But even then that doesn’t seem to work like the charm it used to. And then there’s the deal with her coworker! He’s suddenly on her mind quite a bit more and even writing lists isn’t getting him out of her life. So what if he’s cute and loves Jesus. That doesn’t mean she should date him…or not.

Maya is likable, hilarious, and incredibly real. It’s refreshing to have a flawed, lovable character who doesn’t spend half of her time preaching or spouting off Bible verses. Instead, Maya lives her faith. And it translates well to the page.

I was given the Maya Davis trilogy  as a gift and quickly discovered that Erynn Mangum is my new favorite author. Maybe it’s because we have similar writing styles, or the fact that she keeps it real and keeps it about coffee. Either way, by the end of the book, she had me hooked.

Do you like coffee?

Do you like God?

Do you like reading?

Then Cool Beans is probably a good fit for you.

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