Just Between You and Me {Book Review}

Fearless is the word that most people would use to describe Maggie. Her job puts her in danger and her hobbies have almost always put her squarely in the “adrenaline¬†junkie” category. There’s nothing too risky or questionable for her. As a videographer, it’s a great character quality to have. unfortunately, it’s a lie.

What most people don’t realize is that Maggie is running from her past. Running from the questions that haunt her about her mother’s death, her missing memory, and her sister’s mental illness. The only thing that causes her to face her fear is a little girl named Riley.¬†Just Between You and Me, one of Jenny B. Jones’ older novels, the theme of letting go of fear is explored in a beautiful way. ¬†Instead of skirting around issues, Jenny faces them head-on, letting her characters feel the full range of emotions instead of letting them wade in the shallow side.

In the novel, Maggie is forced to make hard decisions about her past and her future. There isn’t room for passivity. There’s only room for prayer and faith in action. Prayer is a huge theme in the book – something that I appreciated immensely. Jenny writes characters that are flawed like the rest of us sitting in church pews, but they always grow, grasping out for God instead of always having the stock answers. The result is that the reader has to wrestle with many of the same questions the character does. And in Maggie’s case, those questions can be doozies.

Love the book. If you are in need of a novel to fill your day, pick it up.

One Response to “Just Between You and Me {Book Review}”
  1. shahujvaln says:

    Looks interesting book… Will pick it up surely.. Thanks for review

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