Coffee, Hope, and a Melody

This is one of my favorite songs. Every once in awhile, usually when my soul feels clogged, I stay home from church, make myself some french-pressed coffee, open up all the windows, take out a pen, turn this song up loud, and read my Bible.

Today was one of those days.

My soul gets clogged and only one-on-one Jesus time will get rid of the gunk. It’s the daily things that build up. The insecurities that I let take seed in my heart, the lies whispered by the enemy (or worse, myself!) that I choose to believe, or my soul sighing in exhaustion from trying to do it all on my own.

I’m gonna sing this song
To let you know that you’re not alone
And if you’re like me
You need hope, coffee, and melody
So sit back down
Let the world keep spinning round
For yesterday’s gone and today is waiting on you to show your face.

This time around, it was me forgetting that my relationship with Jesus is the most important one in my life. It’s humbling how quickly I’ll run. I’ll happily fill my life up with temporary pleasures. But my soul thirsts for the deeper, the eternal.

It might not be
The prettiest thing that you’ll ever see
But it’s a new day, oh baby it’s a new day
And it might not look like
A beautiful sunrise
But it’s a new day, oh baby, it’s a new day.

It’s not that I don’t talk to God. I pray a lot. I’ve seen the way that God answers and I love seeing Him work in my life. But I busy myself and I forget to stop and listen. My relationship with God can be a monologue at times. I talk but I don’t quiet my soul to listen. To be.

Instead, I check my work email on the weekends or reading Facebook updates when I should be reading the Bible. I stuff my soul so full of the temporary that I start to dream about work or dwell in the murky land of bad “what ifs.” It affects my life. Outwardly, I can maintain a calm facade (for awhile) but internally, my mind’s eye is twitching. When that starts to happen, I know it’s time for a break. From everything.

I’m a pilgrim soul
I’ve traveled far and come back home
And this land is hard and cold
For those who long to love
And I know it might seem
That the world is crumbling
But it’s me and you dancing in the kitchen at 2 am
And we’re still alive.

The Lord has been reminding me more and more that He’s the one who needs to be eminent in my life. My day needs to start and end with Him. He’s the one who can shoulder my burdens and cast my cares into the sea. He’s the only one who will never disappoint but always delight me. It isn’t fair for me to expect others to be like Christ in my life. I’m only setting them and myself up for failure.

It might not be
The prettiest thing that you’ll ever see
But it’s a new day, oh baby it’s a new day
And it might not look like
A beautiful sunrise
But it’s a new day, oh baby, it’s a new day

There are big issues that I’m facing in my life. Truths that can’t be ignored. Pains that can only be healed through Christ. My soul is only quiet when I center myself on the Lord.

It’s the calm of the storm that comes blowing in
It’s the springtime saying I’m back again
The clouds that roll by
Crossing moonlight
Me and you love, every things alright
Standing in the rain with nowhere to go
Laughing and we’re spinning and I hope that you
Remember this day
For the rest of your life
Me and you love, every things gonna be alright.

Listen to the song. Really listen to the lyrics. Let the cares of the world slip away. It’s a beautiful thing. Dancing in the kitchen at 2 am because you know, in the end, it’s all going to be alright.


2 Responses to “Coffee, Hope, and a Melody”
  1. love that song. great words.
    praying you are renewed & refreshed because of Jesus today!

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