101 Ways To Add Adventure To Your Life {part one}

I’m not the most fascinating person out there. I’m really quite mundane when you get to know me. But, I do like having random adventures. And because enough people have asked me to give them ideas on how to add adventure to their life, I’ve made a list.  All of them are tried and true, so you have no excuses. If I can do them, you can do them.

You probably shouldn’t do all of them on the same day or in the same week. It might be fun to try though. Let me know if you succeed.

  1. Pray and ask God to give you more adventures. This leads to many unexpected, dangerous, and awesome things happening in your life.
  2. Don’t pretend to care about the people you meet, really care. Ask them out to lunch and interview them.
  3. Tour your city by bicycle. You’ll start noticing the little things. And little things often lead to big adventures.
  4. Pretend to be a tourist in your town. There are gems hiding in plain sight. You just need to be willing to see them.
  5. Take a hike!
  6. Jump off a cliff, dock, or boat. The water might be cold but you’ll feel better afterwards.
  7. Take a water-taxi and ride on the top of the boat.
  8. Visit a deserted island. The farther away it is from cell-phone reception, the better.
  9. Get a group of friends together to go berry picking. Make jam/gelato/jelly from the harvest.
  10. Climb up on the roof and watch the stars. It will do wonders for your perspective in life.
  11. When random people invite you to hang out, do it. Be smart about it but don’t shy away from it.
  12. Couch-surf with friends instead of always checking into hotel. You’ll get a more authentic experience.
  13. Sleep on the beach and fall  asleep to the sound of the surf. It will either convince you that you want to be a beach bum or it will cure of that forever.
  14. Make playlists on Grooveshark. It’s the new mixed tape. Play the lists often and make them the soundtrack of your day. Swap them with your friends to discover new favorites.
  15. Watch films with subtitles. If you want to have fun (and lose friends) read the subtitles out loud with a cheesy accent. If you want to grow smarter, shut up and read.
  16. Go to the nearest island. Any island counts. Just make sure that it is surrounded by water. Adventures always happen on islands.
  17. Sign up for an art class. Find the kookiest instructor out there and have fun!
  18. Try a new recipe. Follow it.
  19. Make crepes. Chocolate crepes. Berry crepes. Dinner crepes. You really can’t go wrong.
  20. Pull out your camera and start taking pictures. Amazing things happen when you pull out the camera.
  21. Go outside and start walking. Just walk and see where you end up. You’ll be surprised what happens.
  22. Make a friend from another country. Ask them to teach you about their culture. Don’t spend time contrasting the cultures, just enjoy learning something new.
  23. Go to cultural festivals. It doesn’t matter if you don’t belong to that culture. Just go and learn.
  24. Read often.
  25. Learn to turn off the TV and unplug from the digital life. Do and be instead of just being content consuming.
  26. Buy a new, outrageous hat. Wear it.
  27. Watch a documentary. Now watch another one about the same topic.
  28. Take horseback riding lessons.
  29. Learn to say yes to randomness and no to rigidity. Schedule adventures if you have to start somewhere.
  30. Move far, far away from the border of your comfort zone. Or better yet, declare war on your comfort zone.
  31. Cut your hair.
  32. Dye your hair.
  33. Start listening to a new genre of music and surround yourself with the greats.
  34. Go to an art museum. Absorb the art. Tilt your head if you must.
  35. Go to any museum. Traffic. Art. History. Science.
  36. Write thank you notes to people. Gratefulness opens doors.
  37. Write a real letter to someone and put it in the post. You’ll be surprised at the responses you get.
  38. Put a message in a bottle and cast it into the sea. If you find a bottle with a note inside, respond to it.
  39. Learn how to surf.
  40. Jet-ski. See how fast you can take it and how high of waves you can jump.
  41. See dolphins in the wild. Dolphins, not sharks.
  42. Float down a river with friends. Lazy summer afternoons were meant for this.
  43. Go rafting down a wild river in the West.
  44. See a World Heritage Site. Find out why the rest of the world thinks it is so important.
  45. Travel as much as you can. Even if it just means to the town down the road.
  46. Learn the history of your people.
  47. Start blogging.
  48. See a live performance of one of Shakespeare’s plays.
  49. Get to know the different coffee growing regions of the world. If you aren’t into coffee, pick something else.
  50. Paint an ugly picture. You have a better chance at feeling accomplished if you go for this instead of aiming for the next Mona Lisa!
Have any other ideas? Add them below! Look for the next 51 suggestions on Friday!

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