101 Ways To Add Adventure To Your Life {Part Two}

So on Wednesday, I gave you fifty tried-and-true ways to spice up your life. Here’s another 51. There will be more tomorrow. I don’t think anyone has any excuse for being bored.
Adventures are like fires. You need something to ignite the flame before it catches and spreads all over.
  1. Get dressed up.
  2. Buy ridiculous glasses that make you look absurd. Wear them often and wear them well.
  3. Learn how to dress for your body type. You might as well look awesome on all your adventures.
  4. Ask your grandparents how they met.
  5. Go to a food festival. Just make sure you aren’t allergic!
  6. Travel to a country where you don’t know the language. You’ll meet fabulous new people. And you might learn a few key phrases on the way.
  7. Learn how to dance. It’s a social skill.
  8. Realize that no matter how hard you try, you won’t be the world’s greatest. Settle for just having fun. Let someone else stress out about their rankings.
  9. Take a train trip.
  10. Visit the original Starbucks.
  11. Ride a bull.
  12. Treat a new friend to a manicure. Ask her about her life while getting your nails done.
  13. Go to a local sporting event, no matter how absurd it may be. The Lawnmower races were far more hilarious than I thought they would be.
  14. Ask your best friend about their childhood dream – help them realize it.
  15. Mentor someone.
  16. Volunteer to work with refugees – show them what hospitality and Christ’s love is all about.
  17. Work at a homeless shelter. Check your attitude at the door. Just show up and love.
  18. Ask a stranger for recommendations on something fun to do in your city.
  19. Talk to people while traveling. You can meet the most interesting people that way.
  20. Listen to TED talks.
  21. Write up an old/boring/30 list.
  22. Go spelunking.
  23. Host a family reunion.
  24. Get involved in social justice issues.
  25. Stay connected with your family. They’ll keep you centered.
  26. Practice dreaming up adventures. Even if they fall through, you will have gained experience plotting them out.
  27. Write a story.
  28. Go on a blind date. Or two. Or ten. You’ll meet fascinating people. This is only if you are single. If you are not single, this is a great way to wreck your life and hurt all your loved ones. Do not do it.
  29. Get to know your neighbors.
  30. Crash a wedding.
  31. Ask hard questions. If you want to know the answer to something, speak up!
  32. Dream up some micro-business ideas.
  33. Check into a local bed-and-breakfast for a weekend with friends.
  34. Start playing the piano.
  35. Try learning a new language – Spanish? Arabic? PhP? There are thousands out there.
  36. Go deep with your faith.
  37. Write to missionaries.
  38. Take a class on missions.
  39. Get involved in missions abroad.
  40. Realize that missions is a lifestyle and that it’s not a paid vacation. You can be a missionary wherever you are.
  41. Introduce yourself to the leaders of your church. Ask to how you can help out.
  42. When you tell someone that you will pray for them, really pray
  43. Take your grandmother to the movies.
  44. Invite your siblings to take a class with you.
  45. Try shopping locally – tour a farm and learn about who is producing the food you are eating.
  46. Go to a nature presentation the next time you are in a State Park. That way, I won’t be one of the only 20somethings in America who goes.
  47. Learn your personality type but don’t let yourself be trappee by it.
  48. See something interesting? Check it out.
  49. Cultivate your curiosity.
  50. Make clam chowder on the beach.
  51. Fall in love with where you live.

Have any other ideas? Add them below!

2 Responses to “101 Ways To Add Adventure To Your Life {Part Two}”
  1. Just reading your blog is an adventure in itself! 🙂

    • caitlinmuir says:

      Thanks, Nicole. You make me sound like an adventuress. Is that even the correct word? Adventurer? I like that one better, I think. 😉

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