-The List-

Here’s a glimpse of my 2011 list. Things I must do this year or at least seriously attempt.

  • Write more hand-written letters.
  • Tell a story. Or write another book. Or two.
  • Learn a new craft.
  • Laugh more.
  • Be more affectionate.
  • Be healthier in body/soul/mind.

Okay, those are kind of boring. Who wouldn’t want to work towards those? I’ve got to get away from the vanilla flavored and step towards the pistachio.

  • Get limber – be able to hold a yoga pose for more than 30 seconds.
  • Memorize – Bible verses aren’t just for kiddos. I could write a few more of God’s words on my heart.
  • Jump off a cliff – yes. Seriously. Hopefully the water will be nice and deep. And warm.
  • Make 3 new friends – do life with more people.
  • Get commited – be serious and intentional with the relationships I already have. Really care for people.
  • Celebrate beauty+art! – Yes, that means lots of play time with my new camera lens.
  • Learn to cook – I have cookbooks. I should probably start using them.
  • Go to a concert in Austin, Texas.  – This should be easy enough.
  • Get cultured! – Appreciate art+music+theater.
  • Paint a very large picture – to put up in my walk-in closet. Preferably modern something you’d have to slightly tilt your head to appreciate.

What’s on your list?

2 Responses to “-The List-”
  1. Johanna says:

    I have an awesome idea: for the jump off a cliff selection, come to MN this August and join us for our annual Rock Quarry cliff jumping party! The water is deep and warm and the company is first-class. 🙂

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