The Red Pen of…Life?

Editing became a normal part of my life when I went to college. As a writer, I’m used to people dissecting my work. So what happens when I start taking the red pen to my manuscript? I discovered something surprising. Read more.


Do What You Love

What’s the one thing you love doing so much that you have a hard time understanding how other people can’t like it? That was one of the questions in Jon Acuff’s new book Quitter. The question made me stop for second. Not because I didn’t know what it was but because I wanted to make … Continue reading

The War of Art {Book Review}

People told me that I’d love this book. What they didn’t tell me is that I would hate it as well.  Imagine minding your own business, walking to the nearest Starbucks, and being beat up by a bored group of karate students from the local dojo. That’s kind of what reading the first few chapters … Continue reading

Oh, Sweet Conviction!

“So…do you mind if I quote you on my blog?” When Shawn asked me that this afternoon, I didn’t know what to think. I mean, I talk a lot. I wanted to know what exactly he was going to be quoting me on. It turned out he was quoting me about my views on consumerism … Continue reading

Write Happily

I’d like to know if there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t like getting a piece of handwritten mail. Don’t get me wrong. I like getting text messages and emails because they satisfy my longing for instant gratification. But there’s something magical about a handwritten letter just waiting to be delighted in. Perhaps it goes … Continue reading