Even More Ways To Add Adventure To Your Life

  1. Surround yourself with interesting people.
  2. Realize that all people are interesting if you ask them the right questions. So summon up your inner Barbara Walters!
  3. Doodle.
  4. Encourage others to take risks.
  5. Believe in yourself.
  6. Believe in your future.
  7. Believe in the One who holds your future.
  8. Give yourself the grace to learn.
  9. Take up the very presitious sport of putt-putt golf.
  10. Encourage your significant other to pursue their dreams. Even if the road is rocky, hold on! It’s worth it.
  11. Don’t let yourself become brittle.
  12. Fall in love. If God is big enough to save you for all eternity, you can trust Him with your heart.
  13. Spend a holiday in a foreign country.
  14. Get to know your cousins.
  15. Rediscover your favorite band from Jr. High…and then crank them up on the speakers.
  16. Dance like no one is watching.
  17. Never be ashamed of your joy.
  18. Start blowing bubblegum on a regular basis.
  19. Write letters to people you’d like to get to know better.
  20. Ask people for introductions.
  21. Host parties and tell your friends that they can only bring people who the rest of the group does not know.
  22. Sing loud and proud.
  23. Buy something bright.
  24. Learn the fine art of mixing Italian Sodas.
  25. Try as many gelato cafes as you can.
  26. Dance in the rain.
  27. Create traditions.
  28. Get up early to spend time with God.
  29. Show up.
  30. Remember that you can’t fix someone elses’ life. You aren’t the Holy Spirit. So relax and enjoy the show.
  31. Sign up for the summer read-a-thon at the library.
  32. Build a tree-fort.
  33. Help a widow.
  34. Tutor a child.
  35. Be an English conversation partner.
  36. Use Facebook to connect, not to stalk.
  37. Buy the craziest outfit and wear it to work next Monday.
  38. Incorporate color into your life.
  39. Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and give them away. Let someone else get the pounds while you get the joy from giving.
  40. Buy a hula-hoop.
  41. Start geo-caching.
  42. Help out at your church.
  43. Take up pottery.
  44. Join a car club.
  45. Join a movie club.
  46. Browse meetup.com and see what interests you.
  47. Don’t shy away from social experiments.
  48. Flash-mobs? Yesssss.
  49. Volunteer at the youth group.
  50. Become a hostess.
3 Responses to “Even More Ways To Add Adventure To Your Life”
  1. Christy says:

    Love this list! #13 is great. I spent Christmas and New Years in Russia and that was amazing!

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