One Thousand Gifts {261-280}

261. Text messages of cheer from my dad! Always brightens my day up considerably.

262. Jude 24+25 Memorized so long ago and being brought back to mind quite a bit recently. Look it up. Meditate on it. And live like you believe it.

263. Long talks with friends about life+love+the way God has been moving in their hearts+lives.

264. Rediscovered classical pop music. Hello! Lush music without the nasty lyrics.

265. Finding the newest {shoe} love of your life. High heels are back after a six month hiatus. Yes. I am grateful for that. Maybe my mind will change after sore feet come into play, but I’m digging the shoes…and DSW.

266. Being able to take late night roadtrips just for the fun of it.

267. Text messages from my nephew. I adore that kid. And one day, he’ll publicly admit I’m his favorite auntie.

268. Happy news from cousins! We’re all still so.very. connected and it makes me happy to hear all the rad developments going on. Babies. International trips. Jobs….the Muir cousins are on a fun rhythm in life.

269. Grace for grandparents. Let’s just say that they aren’t on such a fun rhythm in life. But in the midst of all the craziness, they keep it together with laughter, class, and the Lord. They are such inspirations. Especially now.

270. Community. Looking back at a year ago and comparing it to now? I am so blessed.

271. The J’s. Getting to spend time with them before the wedding has been such a gift. Both of them have had such a huge influence on my life. Every time I think of them, I smile grin with glee. There have already been so many memories!

272. Protection. I don’t know how many times I’ve almost gotten in an accident driving through the neighborhood. The deer have a death wish, I’m convinced. I however, do not.

273. Weekend adventures. This weekend should be stellar. I’m going to count it as a gift before it happens.

274. Slammed doors. There are just things that are better not done. And God, in His grace, knows that. It doesn’t always feel so great at the moment, but in retrospect? The slammed door is a beautiful gift.

275. Being a girl. I love it. Getting to do random girly things just for the fun of it. Someone was teasing me about being girly earlier this week and I just smiled. I’m not the most girly -girl out there but I love being a girl. Woman. Whatever.

276. Texas. And all the new places+faces+adventures that it holds. Even the ones I don’t understand or particularly like. It’s good for me. Not because it’s easy – it isn’t at all – but because it puts me so far out of my comfort zone that all I can do is cling to Jesus

277. Words of affirmation.  I totally didn’t know how much they meant to me until they came spilling out of the mouth of a trusted friend two nights ago. She spoke of the things I aspired to and once again, it gave me hope for this crazy journey God has me on.

278. Having a full backyard. This might be a byproduct of having so many siblings. I’m happy with a quiet house but I adore having tons of people over. Spreading cheer gives me cheer.

279. Busting up laughing at work. Awesome.

280. Going to bed early. Priceless.


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