“You’ve really gotten serious about relaxing.” The comment caught me off guard. My time at home had always been sacred. “What do you mean?” He blinked. “With your new hammock and all.” And all. The past few weeks, I’ve been pouring time into reading “Crazy Love” as most of you know. Filming is on hiatus … Continue reading

One Thousand Gifts {281 – 300}

281. Aloe Vera. Because sometimes I play in the sun without using sunscreen. Silly me. Maybe I should add “Skin cancer” to my old/boring/30 list. 282. Coworkers who go out of their way to crack me up. I appreciate my team so very much. 283. Changes of plans. Because sometimes, the best things aren’t what … Continue reading

am I enough?

Twenty-five year old women are not supposed to think about blood pressure. But on Monday, I was. “You should see a doctor right away,” is what I was told when I had my blood pressure taken. I thought I heard incorrectly. I had inherited my mother’s low bp, not my father’s that was anything but … Continue reading

The Weight of Glory {Book Review}

I never meant to be one of those people who wrote about C.S. Lewis on my blog. Not because there is anything terrible about C.S. Lewis (I’m a major fan) but because it seems like such a spiritually-cliched thing to do. I rediscovered this book in my closet. Dog-eared and worn in from a time … Continue reading

Get Out (And Do Something).

It’s so easy to come up with grand ideas. One summer, ten years ago or so, my cousins and I came up with a wonderful roadtrip idea. We wanted to circle around the States and touch on some of the Canadian provinces. Hours were spent carefully marking out the route on the map. The only … Continue reading