Come Away With Me

When I was twenty-0ne, this was one of my favorite songs.

The song sounds like dark blue velvet, or laying out on the lawn on a summer’s night. Sounds lingering low because they have nowhere else to go or nowhere else that they care to go.

I imagine someone traveling on the train, their head pressed against the side of the window, watching the countryside unravel like an ancient scroll. Traveling to see their lover on the other side of the iron trail. It’s a sad, thoughtful song. Maybe they just left their lover and left feeling the miles carefully rip out the stitches in their heart. The person is holding a cup of steaming tea in their hand, reflecting on all that has led them up to this point in their life. They have decisions to face. They just wish they had someone to face them with.

That’s what I thought when I was twenty-one.  A boyfriend had introduced me to the lyrical world of Norah Jones music. My love for her lingered far longer than my feelings for him did and perhaps thats why I liked the song so much.

But now, I like it for much different reasons. It’s become an old friend, visited just ever so often over the years. The boyfriend is a faded memory but this song still speaks to my heart. It lights a writer’s match in my heart, making me want to write stories about lovers and trains. The story I’d write now is different than the one I’d write when I was twenty-one. But that’s a lovely thing, don’t you think?

One Response to “Come Away With Me”
  1. Mmmm, this is such great piece, her voice, so much like velvet as you said, always carries me far away. I also really like her song Shoot the Moon, from the same album.

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