Bible + Beach = Bliss

I used to love going to the beach. Sitting on the cold, damp sand. Feeling it squish between my toes. A sweater usually skimmed my torso, providing a kind barrier to the Pacific winds that would otherwise chill me to the bone. If I was lucky, I’d climb up on a piece of driftwood – a large piece – and watch the waves come in. I’d read my Bible, journal, and think.

It’s been awhile since I went to the cold Pacific and did that. The last time I was there, I watched the waves, but mostly, I watched a pair of fat, lazy seagulls who kept procrastinating when it came time to get out of the surf.

There’s something about the ocean that calls to me. Maybe you are the same way as well. It’s wild and it’s deep. I always want to throw myself into it but growing up on the West Coast taught me that doing so is a great way to get sick…quick. It’s also a great way to numb your senses.

So as I’ve gotten older, I stay closer to the shore. I still love the feel of water on my skin, embracing me fully. But I often sit and think. The sea is for reflecting. The shore for sitting upon and gazing at the water. I pray. I read my Bible. And I share my heart with God. That’s my special place.

I’m not at the beach right now. I’m sitting on a picnic blanket on my front lawn, watching the shadows dance on the tall blades of grass.  It’s just warm enough for shorts but not warm enough to linger in the shade.

Where’s your place? Your place where you retreat from the world and just be.

One Response to “Bible + Beach = Bliss”
  1. I never really cared much for beaches until I visited the Pacific north west, specifically the Washington state and Oregon coasts. The water there is so powerful, standing on the sandy/rocky shore it almost feels like the ocean lives and breathes for you! All you have to do is sit there and let the waves take your breath in and out, in and out. Somehow sitting on the edge of a pond in Arkansas just doesn’t have the same feel – I’ve tried it ; )

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