Do What You Love

What’s the one thing you love doing so much that you have a hard time understanding how other people can’t like it? That was one of the questions in Jon Acuff’s new book Quitter. The question made me stop for second. Not because I didn’t know what it was but because I wanted to make … Continue reading

R+R = Rest + Reading

It’s not every day that you help someone on their PhD papers and read Confessions of a Shopaholic. Somehow, the fact that I did both makes me feel like a well-balanced person. Or at least someone with some personality. Instead of painting the rest of the house like planned, I fell asleep on the couch. … Continue reading

My apologies

…In the middle of the moving, I left two books behind. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal but I promised to review them. Look for more book reviews soon!

Greatest Stories from the Bible {Book Review}

When Thomas Nelson sent me the heirloom edition of the New King James Version Bible, I was impressed by the beauty of the book. It’s exactly the kind of volume that you’d pass on to your children after spending hundreds of nights by their beds, reading to them the ancient and eternal stories held in the … Continue reading


I’ve been reading quite a bit of non-fiction lately. Graduate school is expensive and I can’t decide on what to pursue, so I’m trying to continue my education through the public library system. The beauty of it is that you can study whatever you want to whatever depth you want. One week it may be … Continue reading