The Charlatan’s Boy {Book Review}

The Charlatan’s Boy is a delightful story about a little boy who travels with a swindler. Not just any kind of swindler; a traveling showman who could be a Doctor selling potions one week and an exotic hunter the next. But for the longest time, Grady believed it when Floyd billed him as Feechie.

Want to know what a Feechie is? Author Jonathan Rogers explains Feechies on a video. Grady has been exhibited as a Feechie for so long that he believes he is one. It’s only after Floyd starts billing him as “The Ugliest Boy in the World” that Grady is told he’s not really a Feechie after all. He’s just a boy so ugly that his mama didn’t want to keep him.

After Grady is bested at being the ugliest boy, Floyd decides to take matters into his own hands. He decides to stage a Feechie invasion. That’s where things really get ugly. Lying becomes a way of life for Grady and he’s left wishing he could be honest for once in his life.

The story is one of imagination, loyalty, and self-discovering. Grady’s narrates the tale in a way that let’s readers know that this is one very lonely boy who just wants to be loved.

The Charalatan’s Boy is a great book to read on a hot summer’s afternoon. Pass it on to a teenager or read it yourself. It’s sure to enjoy.

Disclaimer: This book was supplied by Waterbrook Press. I don’t get paid for my book reviews, I just get free books. 


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