The Epiphanies of Travel

Do you ever get that tingly feeling in your stomach as your plane begins to taxi down the runway? It’s a mix between anticipation and fear; it comes when you are going on an adventure rather than coming back from one. At least for me, that’s when the malady strikes the most. The tingly feeling usually means that something epic is going to happen. Nothing over-the-top but usually something that will add texture to my otherwise dull life.

Without fail, the flight back from an adventure is usually when I pull out my journal and start scribbling out my soul on the thin pages. During the adventure, I usually don’t. I’m too busy coming and going to record that which matters the most. In my system, it’s the flight home that is ripe for my writing.

Somewhere in the midst of emotional highs, lows, and mesas, something usually clicks. There aren’t always moments when I want to shout Eureka! but deep in my soul, a cog slips into place. It’s only when I have time to catch my breath that I can see it.

Better than the memories, better than the battle-scars which will always remind me of That one time when I…, are the flights home when I catch glimmers of the whys. When cruising at 30,000 feet, I suddenly gain perspective on the problems that had loomed so large just hours before.

It’s a lovely thing.

One Response to “The Epiphanies of Travel”
  1. Shawn Cohen says:

    I do some of my best writing on plane rides. I don’t know what it is, maybe being stuck in a seat for hours on end… But regardless, those hours make me brood and ponder and I have no choice but to get it down on paper.

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