The King’s Speech {Book Review}


I don’t always watch a movie and then read the book it’s based on. But in the case of The King’s Speech, I’m glad I did. The book lifts heavily from the personal diary of Lionel Logue and was compiled by his grandson Mark.

Lionel, the self proclaimed “common colonial”, from Australia is the center of the book. The book follows his friendship with Albert/King George VI but it is largely the man Lionel who fills the pages with depth of emotion. Readers are ushered into the living room of his life – inviting, warm, but still with tinges of formality that one would expect from the era and one who dealt with the monarchy. Lionel’s history and his family is introduced and the readers are introduced to a man who is just as interesting as the King he famously helped.

Perhaps what moved me the most was not the relationship between the two men – although it is touching – but the king’s speeches themselves. His speechwriters had a masterful command of the language. The words that the monarch was to utter were moving, powerfully chosen, and had to be deftly handled to bring out the best and truest meanings of the passages. The speeches weren’t full of soft accolades. They weren’t littered with pop cultural references. The King was not a celebrity. There were things that he would not, could not, say. Starched formality lends itself well.

The book shows that there was much more to the story of Lionel and the King than the movie revealed. Their friendship spanned decades. It was nuanced, reflecting two extraordinary men who would have never been friends had it not been for a speech impediment.

Bottom line? Great book. Save it for a rainy day and a cuppa tea.

One Response to “The King’s Speech {Book Review}”
  1. Christy says:

    I’m so glad I read this. I was wondering if the book was as good as the movie was. I really loved the movie!

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