Thunder of Heaven {Book Review}

Book about the end of the world? Check.

Authored by Tim LaHaye? Check.

Co-authored by Jerry B. Jenkins? Nope.

In Tim LaHaye’s newest thriller, he teams up with Craig Parshall. Craig has his own series of thrillers under his belt.

In many ways, this book dovetails perfectly with LaHaye’s Left Behind Series. But where it diverts is that the cast of characters isn’t as diverse. Thunder of Heaven centers on Joshua Jordan and his family in the days leading up to the rapture.

Jordan is the head of a secret group of military leaders, Washington insiders, and media members who are doing their best to fill the gaps of where the Government left off. The group meets in his Colorado hideaway, the perfect location to keep things secret and secure.

It all works well until…

  • Three commercial flights are attacked by terrorists.
  • Volcanoes begin erupting all over the world.
  • The President’s health begins to rapidly fade.
  • Israel is invaded by hostile countries.
  • …and Joshua is kidnapped, tortured, and left for dead.
That’s when things start getting interesting. For Joshua, who isn’t a Christian, it’s hard to understand why his wife keeps stressing the importance of Israel. But to his wife, it’s easy to see why Israel is the linchpin. Everything that happens is the ticking of a clock – the countdown to the end.
The book is a page-turner. It happens in the near future and many of the events that are referenced have been ripped from recent headlines. If you are an End Times buff this is the book for you.
Disclaimer – I was given this book by Zondervan in exchange for my honest book review. No payment for opinions, nor forced endorsements. 
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    Would it be alright with you if I linked to this review? Thanks!

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