Stop Praying. {CrazyLove}

What would happen if you stopped praying and started listening? That’s something that Francis Chan asks in the first chapter of his book, Crazy Love.

The first chapter was so interesting that Andrew, Luke, Aron (the cameraman!) and I all got up and camera-ready by 7 am. After some much needed coffee, good conversation happened. The crazy thing is that I’m also going through this book for my women’s Bible study this summer. So I’m in the book quite a bit…and it’s reshaping the way that I’m viewing my relationship with God. Which is a fantastic thing.

One of the questions that I’ve really been mulling over was – When was the last time that you were in awe of God?  I talked about my convertible and the big Texas sky in the video. But I didn’t talk about the year where I asked God to renew my sense of wonder. Childlike wonder is a rare gift.

I think we get lost in our smartphones and the ever changing world around us that we forget the precious gifts that are all around us. That’s why I am keeping Thankful Thursday on the blog. I want to make sure that I’m continually opening my eyes to the crazy ways God lavishes His love on His creation.

Interested in joining the discussion? Go here to answer the questions and let your opinion be known.  Or just leave me a comment or two. 🙂


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