3 Lessons I Learned This Week

I don’t know what’s been going on in your life but this last week was a killer! It seemed like everything was stretched out and my soul was spread thinly across too much space. But in the midst of it, some really good things happened and I learned a few good lessons. So in typical me-fashion, I’m blogging about them. Maybe it’s to remind me later or maybe it’s simply to share what God is doing. But here they are!

  1. God expects you to make mistakes. And try as you might, you will make them. Give yourself the same grace to grow that He gives you. In the long run, you’ll be happier. Apologize, do the best you can to makeĀ amends, and move on. You will live much more peaceably if you quit beating yourself up for the stupid mistakes and let God take care of them. Yes, it stinks when you mess everything up but it’s because you are human. You can’t help that.
  2. Rest is a beautiful thing. People were not made for 19 hour days. Look closely at the people who tell you that you can survive on 5 hours of sleep. One of their eyes is probably twitching. You will get sick, delusional, or silly when you don’t have enough sleep and it will affect work, relationships, and your hobbies. No one wants to hang out with a zombie.
  3. You did not create God. God created you. Yes, it is a basic truth. But so many times I try to make God in my own image. I fashion Him to be my personal Jeeves in Heaven, wanting to do whatever it takes to ensure my success. Only, it doesn’t work that way. God was not created for our glory. We were created for God’s glory.

Those are three of the lessons that I’ve been learning this week. How about you?




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