You make me want to…

Inspiration came this week. Swiftly, deftly, and deeply. It didn’t come from any strange sources. No new muses upon whom my mind dwells. No ideas that sound like they were born under a full moon. No, this inspiration came from a different source.

Inspiration came from community this week.

  • Being around my women’s group on Thursday was like a cool breeze on a stifling summer night. Everyone has spunk and a heart for the Lord. No one is perfect and that is so refreshing. There aren’t trite answers that have been offered. Messy lives, broken hearts, and souls that are searching for Jesus. Those were the people that showed up to my tiny house. When they left, my house was empty but my spirit was full.
  • A late night phone-call from a cousin on the West Coast left me grinning. I ❤ my family. All of them.
  • My Air Force buddy made my day when she put up with my cowboy boot shopping whim. Apparently, I’ve started embracing Texas. No boots were bought but some were definitely checked out!
All of these people make me want to be a better person. It’s a delightful thing. I should have included them in my Gift List…but I didn’t. Oh well!

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