The Red Pen of…Life?

When I was in college, I loved getting papers back from my professors. Seeing the red ink on the crisp white papers that I had worked so hard on challenged me. Writing was a game and I wanted to win. The rules had to be learned so they could be bent to my whims.

I recently dusted off my favorite manuscript. It has been worked on many times before but I hadn’t gotten past the first few chapters in a very long time. Years actually. Sending it off to FedEx to get printed was something I should have done before. The initial investment scared me. But really, I’d just spend the money on something else. Why not spend it on something I care about deeply?

So last week, I’ve gotten reacquainted with my fiction. I got re-involved in the lives of my characters. The red pen came out but this time, I wielded it.

Conversations suddenly didn’t happen. Characters underwent changes of heart, mind, and style. Themes that had been simmering under the surface were brought to life.

It’s a wonderful thing.

The thing is – life gets better with editing. You have to cut out the unnecessary for the story to sing.

Here’s to writing. To editing. And to the whole creative process.

2 Responses to “The Red Pen of…Life?”
  1. I’m excited for you, Caitlin!

    I’ve always loved the feeling of pulling out an old manuscript and seeing new possibilities. Yes, there is a lot of work ahead, but it is what we live for!

    Keep at it!

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