Double Shot {Book Review}

Here comes the wedding planning!

After helping her best friend, Jen, navigate the tricky world of relationships and engagements, Maya Davis is on her own. Her boyfriend just proposed and she couldn’t be happier. Oh wait, she could.

While she’s wedding planning, her nephew is fighting for his life at the hospital. Her best friend is MIA because she’s on her honeymoon (oh, the audacity!). And there’s the horrible secret that Jack just let out. He wants to move.

All relationships are about compromise. That’s what Maya has known from the start. But surely, it couldn’t be God’s will for her to move from sunny So Cal to Seattle?! Nah, Jack must have been reading the wrong version of the Bible or gotten his messages mixed up. In typical Maya fashion, she searches the Bible for help making her decision about moving…and comes up with tons of sticky notes covered in Bible verses against moving. So it’s couldn’t be God’s will, right?

In Double Shot, Maya has way too many questions that need to be answered. She thought that getting engaged would be the start of her own “happily ever after”, not the beginning of turmoil. Little did she know.

This is the last book in Erynn Mangum’s Maya Davis trilogy and perhaps, the most entertaining one for me. As Maya struggles with the idea of leaving it all behind to be with Jack, you see her faith taking shape. She’s faced with the reality of trust instead of just relying on easy answers.

Great read!

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