One Thousand Gifts {141 – 160}

141. scandalous GRACE

142. friends who pray with you. these are the friends that i cherish the deepest in my heart. they pray. they laugh. they weep. friends for all seasons, even if they only last a short while.

143. sing-a-longs. because sometimes, you just want to go back to your favorite musical and quietly sing the words. sometimes, you feel like belting it out, loud and proud, but not this week.

144. solitude. i may be a people person, but a quiet house, a hot cup of coffee (or tea), and some Jesus time makes me happy.

145. bug spray. yes. i do believe that bug spray is a gift. you would too if you lived when i do.

146. safety. hallelujah! i’m apparently not allergic to most of the bugs that try to eat me alive.

147. lavender. it keeps the bugs at bay. hurray!

148. old family pictures. there is nothing that keeps you humble as old christmas pictures.

149. telephone calls from my grammy. one of the most inspirational people that i know. i’m truly blessed to have her in my life. not only do we love each other, but we like each other as well. that makes a big difference.

150. long weekends to catch up on sleep. sweet, sweet slumber.

151. new beginnings for a sister. it makes me so grateful to see the way that God orchestrates the lives of my siblings. just when someone needed a shot of ambition, He gave them a crazy dream. and then…He answered it!

152. friends from far away places.

153. new books! free ones at that.

154. God’s provisions. money always seems to come at just the right moment. He takes care of my needs.

155. fresh grace. i know i’ve already said grace but i think if we really grasped how amazing it is, we’d be much more grateful for it.

156. air conditioning. i didn’t know what excessive heat was before last week.

157. electrolytes. because some of us were not created to live in excessive heat.

158. friends who check up on you when you are out for the count with heat exhaustion.

159. golden memories. they don’t happen as much as they should, but perhaps, that is what makes them so special.

160. a home. so many people have lost so much. i’m blessed to have a roof over my head, bills that are paid, and a car that runs. i may not have a lot but i’m richly blessed. scorpions, tarantulas, and all.

One Response to “One Thousand Gifts {141 – 160}”
  1. Judy Watters says:

    I don’t know–number 144 and 160 run a close tie for me. I love solitude and that first cup of coffee in the morning, all by myself on the back porch says there is peace in the world. Doesn’t matter if the peace is just for that moment and just on my back porch, it’s still peace. But having bills paid and even owning a few scorpions on our place is ok (as long as the scorpions know their place is in the great outside).

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