One Thousand Gifts (121 – 140)

121. air conditioning

122. scorpion spray – i slew one. but he stung me.

123. ice cubes

124. ice water

125. running water! we were out for a few hours last week. not such a fun surprise.

126. fresh inspiration from unexpected sources

127. writer-friends

128. artist crushes

129. life on lens – i had the pleasure of doing an engagement shoot with some dear friends. what an honor to capture their enchantment with each other on camera!

130. manicures with girlfriends – i feel like i’m thankful for this one quite a bit. i don’t go that often, but when i do, i like to bring a friend along.

131. new friends! it’s been so awesome to meet new people and connect.

132. new skills – work has been hard. a growing experience, but a fun one at that. i’m learning to broaden my storytelling skills from print to all forms of media. good stuff!

133. playful declarations of love – i was feeling rather low the other day. not digging in the mud, but more like a case of the blahs. you know, being stuck in taupe. then i got this hilarious email from someone reminding me that we were getting married in 2014. it cracked me up. i’ll let you know if i hold him to it.

134. neighbors – home laaaaaate from work? my neighbors had dinner waiting for me. how incredible is that?

135. friendly attendants – i went in and got the oil changed on the car (i didn’t want to deal with the heat)…nicest guys at the garage! i got coupons and good deals. life could be so much worse.

136. safety – in all seriousness. most of the country is facing upheaval of some sort. sure, it’s hot and there’s some rumblings of a drought, but i’m safe. i’m fed. i’m watered.

137. classical music – there’s something about all the classical instruments that relaxes me when i’m wound up.

138. lavender – such a soothing smell. apparently, it helps keeps the bugs + scorpions + deer away. i’m investigating that rumor.

139. memories – coming from a family that has members who struggle with memory, i’m grateful for what i have. one day, my memories may fade away but right now, i can bask in their golden glow and catch new ones like fireflies on a summer’s night.

140. sibling-friends – i love having siblings who are my friends. being able to confide in someone who knows you, your people, your quirks, and your history because they come from the same place. we may have different goals in life but it’s still refreshing to have them so dear.


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