Villains! {Life + Story}

Don’t be a villain.

“ME? I’m not a villain!” You sit at your computer and snicker. “Sure, I might be a little too fond of the gas pedal from time to time but that doesn’t make me a villain. Villains are people who pretend to help little old ladies cross the road but then tie them up to train tracks. Villains are people who try to swindle others from their hard-earned cash. Villains dress all in black and have funny little mustaches!”

Well, my friend. It sounds like you have a good idea of what a villain is according to Dudley Do-Right.

I have a newsflash for you. Most villains don’t look like Snidely Whiplash. They look like, well, ordinary broken people. Villains could do all the terrible things that Snidely did, but besides going to jail, it wouldn’t accurately reflect what a villain does.

They rob the joy from life. They steal laughter, security, hope, money, happiness, etc. Why? Because they have a hole in their hearts that they are desperately trying to fill. At least, that’s what Dudley Do-Right has taught me. All the Snidely Whiplashes of the world are that way because they are hurting individuals who want to appease their hurt or make others feel the same amount of hurt.

Let’s break this down. In every story, there is a good guy (hero!) and a bad guy (villain). If every life has a different story, there are thousands of villains running around. Even the bad guys get fed up with people they perceive as “villains” in their life.

YOU are someone’s villain. Yes, you.

That’s a sobering thought. It makes me sit up straight and try to go through a mental list of all the people that I may have/not offended in the last year.  Who a re the people who I have robbed joy from? Why did I feel the need to plunder their souls?

Usually, because I’m feeling pretty inadequate. Or I’m too wrapped up in my own universe to realize how my actions are rippling and wrecking someone else’s day. I may not rob banks, lie to sweet old ladies, or go on a spree of mayhem, but I’m a villain just the same. So are you.

What are you going to do about it?

One Response to “Villains! {Life + Story}”
  1. Judy Watters says:

    HOw true. I will make this personal so as to not speak for others. I tend to see “bad” people in the news and say, “What makes them so calloused?” But lately I have tried to turn the focus back to myself. Maybe because I know I have wronged individuals in the past. Oh, maybe not knowingly, but passing by in church and not taking the time to say a friendly hello to the elderly man who lives alone and is legally blind. How many others have I wronged. (This is a very vanilla case that I am painting, but I know there have been far worse situations that I have been guilty of.) Thanks Caitlin. Today is a new day…NO MORE VILLAINOUS ACTS FROM ME!

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