Becoming Quality

“Don’t settle. Ever.”

Those words made up some of the wisest dating advice that my older brother, GI JOE, told me. He wasn’t telling me to never “settle down” with someone but to never compromise on my beliefs just to be with someone. There’s huge value in that.

A week ago, I was reading my twitter feed and came across one of my new favorite bloggers. Ally is a fabulous Texan who moved to Portland. Go figure. She goes to my old church and writes about love. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

One of her latest posts really got me thinking. It’s called 101 Ways to Make Your Man Want to “Be a Man”. And it’s amazing. Ally (who loves lists apparently) breaks down some action items for women to think about. Instead of demanding a man “be a man”, invite him and foster that in him!

The concept of invitation was something Liz recently blogged about. It’s also something I recently remembered that I wrote about in a column of my own last year. So it’s nothing new on my radar. But just because the concept isn’t fresh doesn’t mean it isn’t worth pondering. Or pursuing.

In my life, I’m trying hard to grow up in some of the areas that until recently, were blind spots. I’m trying to bite my tongue and speak with kindness instead of jabs or funny little remarks that sting in the end. Kindness. Encouragement. Adventure. Okay, I don’t really have to work on that last one.

Check out Ally’s list. What are some of the things you would add to it?

One Response to “Becoming Quality”
  1. Judy Watters says:

    Great post. Perhaps if girls would heed this advice, there would be fewer divorces. Great post…write on girl.

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