One Thousand Gifts (101 – 120)

101.  Almond Joys – one of the best candy bars on the planet

102. Teeth to chew the frozen Almond Joy. Don’t freeze them unless you like very hard candy. If you do not, they will plummet from one of the best candy bars on the planet to mildly yummy.

103. Life Insurance – I know I’m being outrageous right now but I’m glad for life insurance. I know that if I die from the mysterious, itchy bugbite, my family will be well taken care of. They’ll finally be able to afford a family reunion in the tropics.

104. People who put up with me when I’m overly dramatic. Not that I’d ever be dramatic. Never.

105. Pain medicine – When it works, I’m incredibly grateful. Once the currnt batch kicks in and my headache leaves, I’ll probably write a thank you note to the pharmesuetical company.

106. Fresh Blog Finds – I’ve recently discovered three new gems. Two very wise and interesting peoplel and the other, a fashionista raising money for orphans.

107. Getting emails from loved ones when I wake up – It’s nice to have something fresh and real just waiting for you. I love getting long rambling emails from my friends and family. They write late at night and I read in the early morning.

108. Free books – I’ve been getting some really good ones lately and I can’t wait to share them. Deep, challenging reads.

109. Inspiring people – There’s this guy named Bob Goff that I really want to meet. In two of the books I’ve read lately, he’s been named as a huge influence in the authors lives. And I heard him quoted by another Christian leader as someone amazing. When I started reading his twitter feed, I agreed.

110. Bug Spray – I recently bought some lavendar bug spray. It smells wonderful. Not sure if it works though…I did just get a mysterious bug bite!

 111. Fresh fruit – watermelon, kiwis, strawberries, blueberries…I’m a huge fan of fruit. Nothing says summer like a fruit salad. Growing up with a bunch of fruit trees in my backyard spoiled me.

112. Wedding dresses – I helped a friend shop for a wedding dress last weekend. Talk about being invited into community! I felt honored as I helped my friend pick out the dress that she’d wear as she got married.

113. Towels – more specifically, the way towels soak up standing water in the back of my car. Convertibles were made for sunshine, not rain.

114. Headphones – I was thinking about this the other day. How many times do you crank up the volume on your headphones? I do it all the time. It helps create a little vortex of focus for me. Can you imagine if no one had headphones? In cubicle land, there would be mass chaos.

115. Portland-Time – Those are the days when I just pretend I’m back home. A friend from Portland recently moved to Texas and so we bum around together, checking out urbany things and trying to drink as much coffee as we can.

116. Netflix – Sometimes, you just don’t feel like reading.

117. Fresh fingernail polish – OPI fingernail polish is the best in the world. Not just because the colors are so great but because they have amazing names for each color. I’m currently wearing San-Tan-Tonio.

118. Frozen Yogurt – Amazing stuff. Especially if you go really healthy and top all your goodness with hot fudge. Don’t go to a frozen yogurt bar if you have bad depth perception. You’ll end up shelling out $7 for a treat.

119. Laughter. It’s made the list before and it will make it again.

120. Sleep.

4 Responses to “One Thousand Gifts (101 – 120)”
  1. K Zhang says:

    This is awesome!! I agree with most of them especially free books and sleep. Praise God for all the beautiful things in life.

    • caitlinmuir says:

      Thanks, K! As you can probably tell, that list was made up when I was half awake. I’m still a fan of free books and sleep though!

      I just looked at your site – it’s full of beautiful images that point back to God. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Judy Watters says:

    #101 and 118 are my favorites. Of course, anything having to do with food will always be on the top of my list. And Almond Joy is definitely my favorite candy ever…e v e r!

    • caitlinmuir says:

      Haha. I’m glad we agree on candy and frozen yogurt. I don’t know if we could be friends otherwise.

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